Stylemakers 2021: Meet the forces causing a stir in food, home, garden, beauty and health


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Every year, Better houses and gardens, celebrates the innovators, influencers and creators who are leaving their mark in the fields of food, home, garden and lifestyle. They are called Stylemakers, and for the 10th anniversary of the event, we have a very special group to present. Some of these people are famous faces that you will recognize already, and others are regular people making a difference in their part of the world. Here you’ll find a bit more about each Stylemaker 2021 and where you can go to learn more about their plans and passions. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Stylemaker virtual event on May 7.

Dinner is served with the help of these cooks. Discover an easy and delicious sauce that will make you lick the bowl.

You probably know Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Michael from Modern family, but you might not know he loves to whip up Southwestern food from scratch. The actor shares several super tasty dishes from his new cookbook Food with friends which he co-wrote with chef Julie Tanous.

It’s hard to believe Vivian Howard has a lot of free time. The chef has just published her second cookbook, is the star of two television shows, and runs several North Carolina restaurants. But she graciously offers the recipe a herbaceous green sauce that you can enjoy it with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Dabito, an avid design blogger who resides in his bustling Los Angeles home, shares his colorful (and practical) outdoor patio that features quirky memorabilia from his global adventures.

Designer Michelle Adams shows that your home doesn’t have to be the biggest or the most unique to be exquisite. Take a peek inside his mid-century home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which has lots of character thanks to its collection of French antiques.

Former magazine editor and current creative director Dara Caponigro knows patience is the key to finding your own style. (Oh, and try a few styles at a time? That’s OK, too.)


You don’t need a huge yard or tons of land to create a beautiful garden. Meet a photographer from Brooklyn, New York, who transformed her small space into a haven of greenery.

Power couple Ellen Marie Bennett and Casey Caplowe couldn’t be more different when it comes to design preferences. (Ellen loves quirky colors and maximalism, and Casey prefers clean lines and organization.) But the combination of the two preferences leads to a beautiful, balanced Los Angeles home with an incredible backyard and outdoor entertaining space.

When the pandemic began, photographer Dana Gallagher channeled her energy into a small backyard in Brooklyn, New York. Her edible garden, which she enjoys with her daughter and her puppy, proves that you don’t have to be “a gardener” as she puts it.


Now you already know that Jennifer Garner apparently hasn’t aged in the decades she’s been in the limelight. But its secret to a glowing complexion and lots of energy is not complicated. Her daily routine includes simple skin, healthy hair and good perspiration.

Tired of your flawless makeup in the morning, then a mess in the afternoon? Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin (who has worked with Meghan Markle, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Palermo, among others) shows off an easy trick to make sure your lipstick stays put.


Many people have struggled with their health (or that of a loved one) over the past year. Learning from an Entrepreneur shamelessly tackles the stigma of chronic disease.

For most of her life, talk show host and beauty and lifestyle expert Nitika Chopra struggled with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis which had devastating effects on her mental and physical health. But through her self-care, Chopra has taken back her body and is teaching others to love themselves inside and out no matter what.


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