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We ended up in nesting mode as we spend more time at home, which means it’s a great time to explore new wall art ideas and inspirations. There are literally thousands of different ways to add beautiful works of art to the walls of every room in your home.

But we’ve narrowed it down a bit to our 38 favorite ideas, including this tough, sweet Minted print. Whether you like metallic or neon colors, color block or obmre, 2D or 3D, there is an idea here to fit your home and your budget.

Geometric prints

1. Geometric prints. A splash of colorful color block will brighten up any space with a new dose of modern art. (Geo Abstract Print via Minted)

DIY art hack

2. DIY art hack: Turn the items you already own into works of art, in minutes. All you need is a little creativity and big enough frames. (via Paper and point)

Tassel wall art

Check out all these wall art ideas

3. Pom pom wall art: Really flesh out a space with a colorful yarn display. You can find everything you need online or at a thrift store. You got that. (via Brit + Co)

Printable Stendig Calendar

4. Printable Stendig Calendar: Sometimes the beauty of a room is in its usefulness. This giant calendar will keep track of you and seems striking in its simplicity. (via a merry riot)

DIY Leaf Splatter Print

5. DIY Leaf Splatter Printing: Create a set for a bold injection of color or display them selectively to add balance. (via Lovely Indeed)

Woodburned travel map

6. Woodburned travel card: For a quick reminder of where you’ve been and where you still want to go. (via Brit + Co)

DIY reversible wall hanging

DIY wall decor concepts

7. DIY Reversible Wall Hanging: What could be better than a bohemian piece? Two of them! Who knew reversibility was the way to go. (via paper and point)

DIY abstract wall art

8. DIY abstract wall art: Make a statement with the right frame and a quick draft. (via DIY in PDX)

Easy paper flower art

9. Easy paper flower art: Did you know you were dying to use more shadow boxes in your decor? Start with this project and see where it takes you. (via Martiza Lisa)

DIY leaf art

10. DIY leaf art: Consider yourself lucky enough to go to a climate with palm leaves, and even luckier to be able to create this stunning graphic piece using something you found outdoors. (via Monstercircus)

Tinted wall hangings

11. Tinted wall hangings: Did you know you can stain wood? Well now you do. (via Charlotte in the Hand)

DIY iridescent mirror

12. DIY iridescent mirror: Mirrors are the ultimate room extensions, so why not upgrade a mirror? (via Sparkling Life)

DIY faux neon art

These are really cool wall decorations, right?

13. DIY Faux Neon Sign Art: This diptych hits all the trends in one piece: neon? Check. Palm tree leaf? Check. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

DIY paint sample art

14. DIY paint sample art: Ever wanted to try out a new color without any hassle? Now you can easily. (via A Nice Mess)

Weave Hack Wall Art Ideas

14. Wall weaving hack: Since you’re dying to create one, you might as well use this hack. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Diamond Ripple Wall Art

15. DIY Diamond Ripple Wall Art: This piece packs a graphic punch and blends in perfectly with any decor style. (via Classy Clutter)

DIY pegboard wall art idea

16. DIY pegboard wall art: Embrace the pegboard trend with circular beauty and take a walk on the wild side with memphis scribbles. (via sugar and tissue)

DIY wire wall hanging

17. DIY wire wall hanging: Bring a permanent rainbow into your living room, along with a well-placed piece of macrame. (via A Nice Mess)

DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art

18. DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art: Your scrapbooking scraps are all you need to make a modern pair of prints. (via sugar and tissue)

DIY rope wall art

19. DIY Rope Wall Art: Another Anthro hack? Yes please. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Fabric Pocket Planter:

20. DIY Fabric Pocket Planter: Shelf space is limited, but your baby plants can hang comfortably on the wall. (via Club Crafted)

DIY Image Gallery Frame

21. DIY Image Gallery Frame: No room for a gallery wall? No problem, use this frame trick to display your favorite and the best. (via Brit + Co)

DIY ceramic wall planters

22. DIY ceramic wall planters: Combine your love of clay, paint and air plants. You deserve it. (via Brit + Co)

Frame accent wall

23. Frame accent wall: For a more abstract approach to art, how about making an entire wall? (via A Nice Mess)

DIY collage wall art:

24. DIY collage wall art: People will call you the modern day Matisse once they see the combos you can put together. (via Sarah Hearts)

DIY wire wall art

25. DIY wire wall art: Are you looking for a more minimalist option? Try a wireframe script, it looks pretty neat. (via Happy Thinking)

Pushpin wall art

26. Pushpin wall art: Who knew office supplies could be so chic? The use of gold push pins really elevates this piece to a work of art. (Going through Brit + Co.)

Rosette backdrop

27. Backdrop of the rosette: You can use these glossy paper rosettes as a photo booth backdrop or as an art installation. It’s an easy way to add a lot of color to your room very quickly. (Going through Brit + Co.)

Tulle wall art

28. Tulle wall art: What looks like watercolor stripes from a distance are actually strips of tulle fabric. Use spray adhesive to secure the strips easily and without too much damage. (Going through Brit + Co.)

Luminous hearts wall art

29. Luminous hearts wall art: Use battery operated string lights to create this vibrant piece of art. Since you won’t have to plug it in, you won’t have to hide the cord. (Going through Brit + Co.)

String Art Nails

30. Nail String Art: You can create anything from abstract designs to words to shapes with this easy DIY. It’s a wrap! (Going through Brit + Co.)

DIY vintage marquee

31. DIY vintage marquee: We’re a bit of a fan of this one, but making this marquee is definitely easier than it looks. The trick is to start with prefabricated cardboard letters. (Going through Brit + Co.)

Shoebox wall art

32. Shoebox wall art: Don’t recycle those shoeboxes yet! They can be made into colorful floating shelves with just a few coats of paint. (Plus, click for two more ideas.) (Via Brit + Co.)

Spray paint wall art

33. Wall spray paint: With a blank canvas, a roll of painter’s tape (or lace washi tape), and a few cans of spray paint, the artistic possibilities are endless. (Going through Brit + Co)

DIY wire wall art ideas

34. DIY Wire Wall Art: Head to the hardware store for supplies for this creative sign. There are tons of colors and materials to choose from. What are you going to clarify? (Going through Brit + Co)

Washi Tape Frames

35. Washi Tape Frames: The frame is half the battle when hanging wall art. So why not transform the frame into a work of art using washi tape. (Going through British. + Cie)

Duct tape canvas art

36. Adhesive Tape Canvas Art: This could easily be the fastest, cheapest piece of wall art you can make. (Going through Brit + Co.)

Ribbon Christmas tree

37. Ribbon Christmas tree: No room for a real Christmas tree during the holidays? Instead, make a trio of washi tape trees on your walls. The best part? No messy pine needles to clean! (Going through Brit + Co.)

Living wall art idea

38. Living wall art: One of our favorite basic DIY upgrades is adding a few air plants to our string art plaques. Just make sure you leave enough room to nestle in the plants. (Going through Brit + Co.)

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